Who are The Lily Foundation For The Congo? 

The Lily Foundation is a U.K. Registered Charity assisting widows and orphans in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo) by providing them with the basics of food, housing, medication and an education for the children. We are not the biggest charity in the country but we have found that we by targeting our resources at small groups of people we can make a real difference to the lives of real people! Thatís why we are currently supporting just 50 orphans, 18 widows and 11 elderly women.


The Lily Foundation has evolved over recent years following on from an initial House Church support of a Christian brother Isaac Umba who runs a non-denominational Christian church in D.R. Congo and who is now our Overseas deveopment Officer. House Church members were praying for and helping  Isaac and his ministry and they felt God placing a burden on their hearts for the widows and orphans of D.R.C. The charity has been operating since March 2002 but has only been registered with the U.K. Charity Commission since May 2003.

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