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One day a man was walking along the sea shore and he noticed thousands and thousands of star fish washed up on the beach. As he walked on he came across a child who was picking up the starfish and throwing them back into the sea. "You're wasting your time", he shouted to the little girl, "There's too many, what difference is it going to make, they're all going to die". The little girl picked up another starfish, threw it back into the sea and said, "it's made a difference to that one".

Sometimes we feel like that when we look around the world at all the poverty and injustice. The world's so big! What difference can we make?

Well, by sponsoring a child with the Lily Foundation you will make a big difference - you will help transform the life of a child and give the child hope in a hostile world!! 

All our sponsored children are orphans and your sponsorship will ensure that the child will receive the love, care and education we take so much for granted in the western world. Without our help many of these children have no hope at all - like the starfish they just need someone to reach out and help.

If sponsorship isn't for you, you can make a donation in the safe knowledge that you will be saving the lives of widows and orphans in the Congo. 

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