You can give regularly                                                    

A regular monthly or quarterly donation to The Lily Foundation will go a long way to providing sustainable growth for the widows and orphans in our programme. A regular commitment to give will enable us and our partners to budget and plan future developments in the Congo. The community is severely lacking the basics of housing, food, clothing and medical care. Sanitation and hygiene is poor. One of our aims is to provide a basic children's Medical Centre in Lubumbashi where children can receive basic health care and vaccinations. With your help we can plan ahead for schemes like this and drastically improve the situation. As a regular supporter of The Lily Foundation you will receive a bi-annual Newsletter updating you of our work in Lubumbashi.

You can use our secure online donation facility to commit a regular donation by clicking on the link below or if you prefer not to use the online donation method please e mail your name and address by clicking here and we will send more information.




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