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Children Waiting For a Sponsor

Isaac is 3 years old. He was brought in to our church in Lubumbashi over a year ago by his grandmother who told us that his mother had died and she couldnít look after him.

Reference Number: 24/11


Helene was born on 08.02.2009 so she is just over two and a half years old. She comes from a very poor family and her parents are finding it difficult to care for her.

Reference Number: 28/10


Vincent, 9 years old

Reference Number: 48/11


Kashala, 7 years

Reference Number: 49/11

Ngoie Mwana, 6 years

Reference Number: 50/11

Katshevo, 9 years old. 

Reference Number: 23/10

These are just some of the orphans waiting for a sponsor today - there are many more ranging from 2 years to 18 years.

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