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Benefits of Sponsorship

You will find sponsoring a child worthwhile and rewarding - to the child and to you. For your child: hope, health, friendship and confidence, for you as a sponsor: joy, satisfaction and pride. 

Your support will transform the life of an orphaned child and will provide every opportunity for your child to grow and reach adulthood. 

Nothing can replace the importance of your role as a sponsor! As you get to know your sponsored child through cards and letters, you'll bring (and receive) such joy.

We will send ALL of your 18.00 monthly sponsorship money direct to our partners for the direct benefit of your child and your child's community.

Your donations will even help children who have not yet received a sponsor. While one child gets to know you, many benefit.

At The Lily Foundation we are accountable to both the children we serve and to our sponsors. Because of that commitment, we ensure that 100% of your sponsorship contributions are used to assist your child and their immediate community. Funds for the running costs of our charity are raised in other ways.

How it Works

Remember that all our sponsored children are orphans and that they live with and are cared for by widows and elderly women who also benefit from your help.

You complete a Bank Standing Order form and pay 18.00 a month into our bank account. Once a month we send sponsorship money to our Overseas Development Officer in the Congo via Western Union Money Transfer.  We have a strong system of accountability to make sure that funds are used for the benefit of the child. These controls include frequent reviews, budget evaluation, and comprehensive assessments and auditing of spends and on the progress of each sponsored child.

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