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About Us

The Lily Foundation For The Congo is a Registered Charity with the objects of relieving need, hardship, illness and distress amongst widows and orphans, providing education for children and advancing the Christian faith in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We do this by raising funds and providing financial assistance and practical help to individuals and organisations in the country. At present we are providing assistance within the community of Lubumbashi in the south east corner of the country.

The Lily Foundation aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty that affect the widows and orphans of the Congo by providing assistance on four levels—spiritual, physical, economic and social. We therefore provide them with basic housing, food, clothing, medication and schooling. We also ensure that all the people in our program learn about Jesus and are encouraged (but never forced) to become Christians.

Our main fund-raising scheme is our ‘Sponsor a Child’ programme. The Lily Foundation’s sponsored children are all orphans and thanks to the relationships they develop with their sponsors and our partners in D.R.C they enjoy the healing benefits of loving attention and a Christian environment.

The orphans are cared for on a day to day basis by a number of widows and elderly women within the community. These orphans and widows are living in extreme poverty and without our help would have no hope at all.

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