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All our sponsored children are orphans so your sponsorship is particularly important to them. Some of them have no parents at all while others live with their mothers, their father having died.

Just some of the orphans we care for in the Congo

The children in the Congo are living in extreme poverty with little hope of an education or the love and attention we take so much for granted in the western world. Children are dying due to lack of basic medicines and through malnutrition.

Thank you that you have shown an interest in helping a child by touring our web site.

Sponsoring a child is a two way affair where the child receives life saving services such as medical attention, access to education, nutritious food and shelter. Each time you write, he or she will also know that someone cares very much.

And as as the child's only sponsor, you will get to know your sponsored child. Through letters and progress reports you will see a little boy or girl change -- from needy and hungry to happy and healthy. And this miracle begins with your first sponsorship contribution. Won't you help a child today...right now?

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